Breakout is Derby’s drug and alcohol service for young people. Breakout works with people under the age of 18 who would like advice, help and support for their drug or alcohol use. 

If you would like a chat or to book an appointment to find out more you can call Breakout on: 01332 641661 or email:

Breakout will begin by talking to you about your drug and alcohol use to find out how they can best support you - creating a holistic support or treatment package that fits in with your lifestyle. Depending on what your goals are, Breakout can:

  • Give you information and advice about safe drug and alcohol use.
  • Help you develop skills so you can cope with situations without using drugs or alcohol.
  • Provide one-to-one support and treatment so you can stop (including substitute medication for detox) or cut down drug or alcohol use so you can feel in control of it. 
  • Relapse prevention support.
  • Support your transition to adult services when needed.

Breakout can also talk to parents/carers or other professionals that work with young people. If you are a young person and would like someone else to contact the service on your behalf that is OK. If you contact the service, it is confidential and they would only speak to another adult where you have given us permission or if there are safeguarding concerns.

In addition, Breakout offers other health interventions such as sexual health advice and can help you contact other health professionals who can support you.

Breakout is based at Peartree Clinic on Peartree Road. However, the Breakout team can see people in other places such as youth centres, schools or at home and can offer flexible times to suit you. 

Peartree Clinic
Peartree Road
Derby DE23 6QD

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Breakout is open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

You can also find out more about Breakout on the Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust website.

For more information about drugs and alcohol visit the FRANK website.

If you are a young person 10-18 years and live with a parent or carer whose drug and alcohol use affects you there is also support available for you. For more information contact the family service: Tel. 0300 790 0265 (option 3 for Aquarius).